Functional and flattering, designed to wear from saddle to dinner or date, this collection of high-quality casual shirts with longer back and slim fit is perfect for riding.

With discreet branding and minimal labelling, vivid colours, unique designer cut, sexy seventies look, meaningful motivational print and embroidery, not only do they offer sophisticated  styling, but also tell a story for keen riders to follow.

Each shirt is dedicated to a particular discipline or an acomplished rider. Each piece is sustainably and carefully crafted in EU from top quality, environmentally friendly, elastic, soft, breathable fabrics: 95% cotton, 5% elasthane.

Oh Erica hadagi tee

"Winds blow, typhoons roar, worlds collide, yet you remain undisturbed". And that is how you should be in the saddle, transferring this calmness onto the horse. Once you find your unmovable frame, make sure you keep it, regardless of the horse under you or any other elements around you. And that is the message encoded in these two shirts, wholly inspired by Erica's concept. Always keep your frame in mind! 
  • Open sleeves and neckline for fresh feeling
  • Fancy short sleeves adorning shoulders help keep them in the right position
  • Sewn from two pieces for perfect simplicity
  • Tunic look for apres riding occasions
  • Contrasting swallow-shaped back for smart dressage look
  • Contrasting trim and designer print encoding a message inspired by Erica Poseley's „Unmovable Frame” concept

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Oh Erica iromuji tailshirt

  • Elegant collar that stands or folds as desired
  • Sleeves short enough to avoid excessive dirt
  • Swallow tail for smart dressage look
  • Embroided dressage horse head
  • Contrasting trim and designer print encoding a message inspired by Erica Poseley's „Unmovable Frame” concept
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Oh over the moon sleeveless polo

  • Collar and contrasting trim flattering for neck and shoulders
  • Comfortable for jumping and long enough for highest jumps
  • Flat-belly effect thanks to front stitching
  • Slim-waist effect thanks to contrasting back panel
  • Subtle coloured, optimistic print on the back
  • Embroided show jumping horse's head in centre  on front
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Oh aim for the stars extreme tank top

  • Slim-waist effect
  • Emphasized neckline
  • Longer back for confident jumps and a classy half-seat
  • Starry print on contrasting back
  • Embroided eventing horse's head on heart
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